The most exclusive independent tantric masseuse in Manchester
£130 Incall Massage

60 min

£150 Outcall Massage

60 min

Why choose Rosie?

Rosie provides an elite, pampering and exclusive experience either in her flat or in your hotel room. Rosie offers a vip, discrete service. Rosie is the ideal choice if you are looking for an attractive and young masseuse who never rushes her service. Rosie is highly educated, discrete, classy and elegant and you will love her beautiful smile. She has a way of making people comfortable the minute they enter her flat, so don’t be nervous if it’s your first tantric massage, you are in great hands. Rosie pays attention to details and she will have everything prepared for you so you can have a magical time. She will be dressed to impress with hair and makeup done; she takes her time to get ready for every client and make every client feel special.

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Diary of a first encounter with Rosie


The Temptation

Part 1

"I couldn’t believe my eyes, Rosie was out of this world and her pictures were giving off an energy pulling me towards her.  Rosie looked so natural, her body and face was already calming me and I felt tingles down my spine as I continued to read through her profile.  The experience of having an erotic tantric massage wasn’t new to me and I was already started to feel the build up inside me, so hard to describe as it differs for everyone due to the uniqueness of the energy between both parties. Previous experiences had varied for me, however there was something about Rosie which I felt deep inside me that was so natural and authentic that I knew I had found what I was looking for.

I felt both nervous and excited picking up my phone and dialling her number, and yet after 3 rings there was a slight pause before I heard a voice which was so calm and gentle all from there all my worries disappeared.  There was no doubt, her voice matched perfectly to her beautiful photos and I was instantly put at ease.  She introduced herself and asked me how she could help.  I mentioned that I had seen her advert and that I wanted to experience her tantric massage.  We chatted for a little while and I was instantly hooked.  As this was a unique encounter I wanted to maximise the energy and connection during the massage and hence Rosie recommended we arrange a 90 minute tantric massage at her own place. The time was now agreed and I sat waiting for the next 3 hours, watching the clock with an energy building up inside me, energy like a tiny little earthquake was starting at the soles of my feet and running up through my body.

I wanted to feel fresh and look good for Rosie so took a long shower and a decided to get dressed into something smart for Rosie.  The time had finally come and with Rosie having confirmed her address I ordered a taxi. I arrived on time and found myself now standing outside her apartment ready to knock - the feeling was like coming downstairs as a child on Christmas morning filled with excitement and anticipation.  I double checked the address and then, as the butterflies inside me continued to grow and go crazy, I took a deep breath before knocking gently.  I stood back and waited before I then heard the lock on the door slowly turning.  It was so teasing! The experience had started as the turning of the lock felt like Rosie was already starting to touch my body.  The door opened very slightly and what I saw next was nothing but magnificent.  Rosie slowly moved her hand through the door and I could see her beautiful fingers which were topped with a light red nail varnish which, like lingerie on a ladies body, started to hypnotise my mind.  From that point, and for the next 90minutes, Rosie had me in her spell and what I experienced was nothing other than pure heaven filled with sensual and erotic delights.

I didn’t think it possible, however Rosie was even more beautiful than I could have every imagined. Her pictures had been stunning and yet they would never be able to show the pure beauty of the angel that was standing in front of me ready to help me discover a new energy inside me.  Rosie invited me into her apartment which was so beautifully looked after that I again knew I was in the hands of someone who was so dedicated and proud of everything she does.  The hall candles were lit and flickered a light against her perfect body, it was like I was watching the most magnificent sun setting over the sea.  Rosie was wearing a revealing two piece lingerie set with silk hold ups and heels. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Monet could not have painted a more alluring sight.  Rosie’s hair fell over her shoulders like a picturesque waterfall and her body was so natural and yet defined perfection for me.  She was tall and slim with every one of her incredible features perfectly proportioned and balanced.  Her eyes looked at me and I felt her tantric spell deepen. After a lovely welcome, Rosie asked me to go into a bedroom where she had prepared the bed and surroundings as if in readiness for a prince.  I felt incredible. I felt energy building up again inside me as the anticipation of what was about to come was overwhelming. Rosie offered if I wanted a shower before and I then explained I had already had one and so she proceeded to ask me to undress and lay on the bed facing down.  As I started to remove my clothes I watched as Rosie left the room to go and make her last preparations for the massage.  The bed was dressed with fresh towels, there were candles and fresh flowers and a light orchestra of music to help sooth the moment further.  I was now naked and lay ready for Rosie to share her greatest energy with me."


The Teasing Touch

Part 2

The nerves inside me had changed into rapid pulses of excitement as I lay naked on the bed waiting. I felt so comfortable and accepting of what was about to happen and for Rosie to touch my body and share a connection between us.  There was no feeling of shame or embarrassment as I felt an incredible amount of warmth and respect towards Rosie. I was now in the hands of someone who truly enjoyed what she does and who was willing to share this pure delight with others.

As my mind started to settle, Rosie returned to the room. With her hair now tied up, it further accentuated the incredible sexy and beautiful lines of her body.  I could not believe the sexual energy which was already passing through me and found myself becoming more and more aroused.  As I placed my head down against the bed again I started to feel the soft touch of a silk scarf falling over my body, from my neck to my toes.  It fell onto me like the touch of a hundred gentle hands falling from the clouds; it was an incredible sensual feeling and allowed my body and mind to sink into an erotically relaxing state.  Rosie then started to place her hands over my body creating a moment of true trust and respect between us for what was about to happen.

I felt the silk scarf being pulled down, exposing my naked body again. This time it was like Rosie was preparing her canvas on which she was about create an individual masterpiece.  The feeling was already sensational, and just after I felt the last of the scarf fall from my toes, I heard Rosie remove the last of her lingerie.  We were now both fully naked.

I will try to explain what happened next, however it will be hard to capture all the moment as my mind and body was taken on a journey of erotic and magical pleasures that I believe can only be experience first-hand. 

Rosie’s hands fell onto my legs, lightly and with a gentle tease that awoke all my senses. There was now an added connection as she started to caress a warm oil over my skin.  I could feel each one of her fingers as she slowly stroked my legs with her hands, starting from my feet and moving up my legs like gentle ocean waves washing onto a white sandy beach.  The innocence of Rosie’s touch was incredible and as the experience enhanced so did her creativity.  Rosie was devoting her body and mind and I started to feel her nipples and breasts touch up my legs and over my back. There were moments when I gasped for breath as the sensation was so mind blowing raising my sexual energy rise to new levels.

After some time Rosie whispered to me, like angel from my dreams, asking me to turn over.  I felt so ready for the next level of intensity and rolled over to see her perfect, now oily, body reflecting the candle light at the end of the bed. There was nowhere else I wanted to be. I remember wishing I could pause time so I could try to take in as much of Rosie’s natural beauty.  It was now at this stage I could feel my lingam getting more erect and I allowed my eyes to close in order to focus on the connection between us through her touch.  Rosie started to touch my legs again with the warm oil and with teasing strokes all over me.   It was at this point that I felt something which I hadn’t experienced before - I started to feel my legs shaking. The shaking felt like it was coming from deep inside my body, from an epicentre called the sacral Chakra, the place from which personal pleasure and complete satisfaction is distributed across the body.  Rosie continued to touch my body with her hands and again used her whole body to slide over mine. Rosie was somehow creating a shadow of my energy and matching her touch to the pleasures inside me. From here, I could now hear Rosie’s breathing connecting with her touch, creating an explosion inside me as my senses of sight, sound, touch and smell came together under one gravitational pull towards her.

My mind felt like it zoned into a complete silence as Rosie then focused her hands towards and on my lingam. Her ever more teasing and erotic touch had my body shaking further. This was beyond any sex, somehow Rosie had connected every sense and feeling in my body to her touch and was controlling my ultimate pleasure.  I could hear my own breathing echo in the room as my heightened pleasure grew further to a point of no return.  The moment continued until I could not control it any further and I felt the explosion of a full body orgasm.  I was emotionally complete.  Rosie continued to gently touch me, helping me come back to earth slowly from a place far beyond the stars.  The feelings I felt had somehow now numbed all the stresses and strains I had from my life and it was like Rosie had released a new energy inside me.

To be continued...