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60 min

Why choose Rosie?

Rosie provides an elite, pampering and exclusive experience either in her flat or in your hotel room. Rosie offers a vip, discrete service. Rosie is the ideal choice if you are looking for an attractive and young masseuse who never rushes her service. Rosie is highly educated, discrete, classy and elegant and you will love her beautiful smile. She has a way of making people comfortable the minute they enter her flat, so don’t be nervous if it’s your first tantric massage, you are in great hands. Rosie pays attention to details and she will have everything prepared for you so you can have a magical time. She will be dressed to impress with hair and makeup done; she takes her time to get ready for every client and make every client feel special.

  • The most relaxing but intense hour I can ever remember. You could fall for Rosie for her eyes alone, but her hands will make you want to stay forever!
  • Omg, I've just had one of the best hours of my life! What an incredible and out of this world experience!! Thank you Rosie, you are amazing, definitely in the right job honey!
  • I had no idea how relaxing and amazing tantric massage can be before I had one from Rosie! You are a goddess girl! Thank you for making me feel like a king!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am still smiling after the wonderful time spent with Rosie. Not only this lady has magical hands, but she is incredibly beautiful and feminine.
  • What an unforgettable experience! I went to Heaven several times during the 1h 30 minutes tantric massage I had with this beautiful lady
  • I have no words to describe the experience I had with Rosie! It was like a magical dream.
  • All girls are beautiful, but there is something about Rosie that fascinates you...her eyes, her smile… very interesting and beautiful lady

Vip Massage Manchester

Tantric massage symbolizes the opening of sensuality, passion, emancipation. During this procedure, an erotic bodily skill, as if the body explodes into bliss, radiating love-longing. Some tantric massage techniques used in the form of love games, and certain techniques of Tantra are the means of treatment and recovery.

Our Rates

Incall Massage £130 / 60 min £180 / 90 min
Outcall Massage £ 150 / 60 min £200 / 90min

The Secret of Tantric Massage

The secret of the mystical effectiveness of massage, the impact of its unique healing effects on the human body, is in the mental disposition of partners to each other, in the manifestation of the sensual power of touch, which is poured out as a force that gives the divine love. And no matter what body parts are involved in the process of tantric massage, it is important to disclose the source, who is inside. Every movement of the body of partners when there is the mystery of erotic massage, enriched with energy flows, the energy of the interacting Yin and Yang. This energy causes the heart to respond to even a professional massage therapists and their clients. Massage with elements of tantra, the more indispensable tool for the restoration and renovation of the lost feelings between the spouses. “Ayurveda” – the traditional system of Indian Vedic Medicine, offers couples to enhance sexual attraction, as well as health promotion, before going to bed with each other to do foot massage. These energy-sensitive region of the human body as the earlobes, neck, breasts (in women) and the abdomen, pelvis and sacrum, perineum, the area of prostate (in men), to which the usual touch massage is not recommended – not afraid to touch in tantric massage. The action of the tantric massage on the human body works anti-aging, health improvement, as well as prevents the development of multiple diseases.

Massage of the prostate gland

For many medical experts came to the conclusion that the achievement of 40 years, almost all men are necessary preventive procedures diseases of the prostate. Tantric massage Manchester in the perineal area is recognized as one of today’s most effective methods of preventing this. For this massage partner should lie on your side, facing each other, the woman is better to lie on your left side, respectively, and a man – on the right. Massaging the prostate should be your middle finger. A man may himself carry out such a procedure, but it will be a physically uncomfortable, so it’s best to rely on the woman. A man has to relax, bend the legs at the knees. For convenience, a woman can wear a rubber glove or a hygienic same stall and be sure to grease used to massage the finger. Lubricant can be any special gel or oil. Finger movement should be smooth and easy, you need to stroke the skin, not putting much effort.


Setting the proper scene for tantric massage in Manchester session

Dim the lights or light a candle – it will create a romantic twilight. The important point for the music erotic massage – it can be meditative, romantic, relaxing or exciting. If you want to make music was all night, then think through writing to you in the process of erotic massage did not need to change the drive or re-run player. If you want music played only in the beginning, and then were heard only the sounds of excitement, your bodies and movements, then again – she should stop writing so that you never left partner.

More flavors. The most common version of a romantic awakening the desire to smell – essential oils. But remember, when in contact with skin, such substances are changing a little flavor, and odor may be the end you do not like. To avoid this, use the usual tantric massage oil, odourless, and to imbue the air with pleasant notes – light a scented stick, a candle or aroma lamp. It is important to create a fragrance liked both partners.

The next moment, creating an erotic mood and inducing a game of love – undressing. Striptease in such situations is always found on the “hurray.” At the same time, taking off on one thing, do not forget to stroke my body in different places, to send a kiss or a wink. In this way, and bring you and your partner will be impatient for you to touch. Another alternative strip – strip each other. Begin at once and, most importantly, do not help your partner – let him withdraw completely from you all things. And another option is a sensual game, undress each other without using their hands and blindfolded – imagination is encouraged.

The place where the tantric massage will be performed, should not be too soft. If the bed is soft mattress, the whole process can be transferred to the floor, previously have thrown back a few blankets. Make sure that you have enough space to move, because you’ll be doing an erotic full body massage, from all sides and you need to approach any convenient part. Wherever there was an erotic massage – Cover the towel is a place that then you do not have to remove oil stains. Bring another towel when doing sensual tantric massage on one side of the body – the other will cover your partner is not frozen. And even better with a heater to maintain a room temperature of 24-26 degrees. Heat – an important component of relaxation.


Our Vip Outcall Massage Manchester Services

If you are staying at a Manchester Hotel one of our beautiful therapists will come to your door no need to even leave your appartment. Just give us a call and recieve the ultimate luxurious pampering treatment with any of our stunning and fully trained tantric therapist. She will then slowly start helping you unwind and melt the stress from the day, away taking you into another world.

Feel four hands simultaneously. This really is a very special experience. Have you ever thought to have a massage by two ladies at the same time. Four hands that touch your body while gently give you an absolute elation. All of our massages can therefore also be booked as synchronized massage. There are only a limited number of ladies present, make an appointment for this massage is essential.

We are waiting for you in our Vip Massage Parlour in Manchester.

The Tantra massage occupies a very special place among the sensual massages. In addition to a deep relaxation to the massaged is given the feeling of safety and security. The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit and means to expand. In this case, especially the consciousness of the massed to be expanded. The head can turn off this type of massage and let your mind wander. Touched by another human being is an important prerequisite for health and balance. In the Tantra massage the whole body is gently massaged or caressed. In Tantra sensuality and lust are as a basis for more vitality and therefore is also the genital area involved in this type of massage. Sex is one of the fundamental basic human needs. It is the source of all life. The structure of sexual tension leads to a special feeling of happiness. In the Tantra massage can work with different tools. These include oils, feathers, silk scarves and other items. The imagination of the masseuse are no limits. It is important to always have the feeling of love and security. The Tantra massage should last at least 90 minutes. The genital area is massaged usually towards the end of the massage. An orgasm is not the goal of this massage, but may occurrence.

Try this special kind of tantric massage with us in Manchester in the Vip Massage Manchester.

If you are based in Leeds, please visit Our colleague website Tantric massage Leeds

What is nicer than to enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere, a full body massage. The full body massage provides deep relaxation and an enhanced sense of well-being. Whole body mass takes place in a pleasant atmosphere and is carried out with high-quality oils. For more than 3000 years, people know about the healing properties of touch. Since the 19th century massages are already medically recognized. In this type of massage the whole body is massaged from head to toe, by the touches the senses are sharpened and relaxes the muscles. The massage is started at the back. The Massed lies comfortably on a couch. The slightly warmed oil is initially distributed uniformly on the back. Then the back is massaged with various techniques such as kneading, tapping, rubbing or pressing. A good full body massage always combines different massage techniques. After his back legs, feet, chest and head are massaged gradually. Upon request, the genital area is included in the massage. A feeling of well-being is already a short time. The full body massage relaxes not only the muscles but also the mind. It dissolves blockages, provides more energy and just makes good mood.

Enjoy the art of full body massage in Manchester at Vip Manchester Massage.

The body to body massage is ideal for those seeking the most erotic experience. In this variation of the erotic massage massaging the lady next to her hands and uses her whole body to massage. This makes this massage a particularly intense and erotic experience. Experience sensuality and feel like a completely new way. Best equal to arrange an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

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