About Rosie

My name is Rosie and I am a highly trained masseuse who offers a unique tantric massage in Manchester.

I have a genuine interest in the art of Tantra and Holistic therapies and I love to travel around the world for my spiritual development. I love doing sports and eating healthy, lifestyle that keeps me fit, strong and full of energy. I am a discrete lady, who is not in the business of escorting and does the tantric massage out of passion and with professionalism.

As I find it difficult to describe myself, I asked one of my clients to do it briefly for me. This is what Danny said:

‘Expect to meet a very interesting, beautiful and mysterious lady! Easily mistaken with a model, you will love Rosie’s long legs, tinny waist and silky hair. Rosie also has a lovely, positive energy that will make you feel relaxed and at ease. Rosie’s calming and delicate manner will make you feel relaxed and peaceful. With her gentle and clever hands, this sweet lady will take you on a journey of sensual delight that is beyond sex. Rosie has a fascinating personality, a perfect combination of playful and sweet. Just hope you won’t fall in love with her haha.’

  • Body type: slim, tall and feminine
  • Height: 5’7 (174 cm)
  • Weight: 8.7 st (55kg)
  • Statistics: 34 B natural
  • Hair colour: Natural dark blonde
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Age: 25
  • Languages: English, Spanish and French
  • Education: Masters degree

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Tantric massage in Manchester

Modern life is bubbling mountain river, swallowing and sucking us into the maelstrom of everyday life and routine. And so eager for a moment to break out of this maelstrom of events and feel happy. We just needed infusion of adrenaline, which inflames and makes life happy. If you think you have to test all of the above experience, you should at least go to the jungles, or to make any reckless act that will allow ourselves to disagree with you. The fact that our beautiful tantric masseuses certainly know how to give you a new unforgettable tantric massage Manchester experience, and not to make long journeys. It will give you the chance to enjoy tantric massage, in anticipation of what you are living in a while. Specifically, we are talking about a form of massage as an sensual massage. We offer you the best erotic massage Manchester from our specially trained women. Sensual massage from them – it is heavenly joy that can erase the lines between reality and fairy tale. Sensual massage is a real elixir of life, having a high therapeutic effect on your body. Our tantric massage will replace you visit a psychologist, and many other doctors, because as we know, most of our ills are caused by lack of positive emotions. And so they-we guarantee you! After all, a professional massage is an intimate sensual massage Manchester restores all body systems and reduces the psycho-emotional stress than protects against stress and negative emotions. It is also important that our girls are well aware of all the features of the structure of your body and therefore erotic massage turns to you in sheer delight, which in this case will have an effect and heals. Erotic massage in addition to its psychological effect has a positive effect on the acceleration of mineral and protein metabolism in the body, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, stimulates the activity of sex glands. As you can see, there are no side effects massage is not only beneficial to your body! You can always advance to discuss with us the direction of the massage and the masseuse to choose which you like. And believe me, all that is affordable for everyone!

  • Tantric massage is a very broad concept. One method of implementation is a body to body massage. This massage, conducted by our bodies touch the girls crazy. In our salon offers a highly professional Tantric massage in Manchester . All of our alluring masseuse knows many secrets of massage that originated long ago in the East. On the art of seduction Eastern beauties are legendary. We invite you to touch the tale, ordered the massage in our salon. The well-known fact that due to some troubles in life, or age-related changes, some men have decreased potency. It depresses them and selects the self-confidence. Our professional sensual massage aims to re-ignite your passion and fighting spirit returned. After an erotic massage from our graceful beauties able to stir up everyone! Erotic massage is the best cure for loneliness and the blues! If you’re still not sure whether to feel the erotic massage in our salon, we want to briefly describe his process. Although, of course, it is better to experience it for yourself. Thus, body to body massage is done by touching naked bodies masseuses to your body. The girls are well aware, what points need to interact with a particular purpose. Tantric massage in their performance will turn to you in the extravaganza of feelings and emotions, and you will forget to think about their problems and shortcomings.
  • Sensual massage is performed in an atmosphere of total tranquillity: it sounds quiet nice music, soothing scents the air is saturated with oil, the light dimmed. Then you can only expect some kind of fairy magic, and it does not take long. Because of our professional massage is the true magic, with nothing comparable, and such a welcome. And most importantly, the magic is available to all, because we care about comfort of our customers and offer a system of bonuses and discounts for our regular customers. Sensual Tantric Therapy can help you come to harmony with yourself and others, because you will regain confidence and feel a sexual attraction. But, of course, a massage will be useful for energetic men who have a strong desire to experience moments of heavenly delights.

Many people tend to understate the importance of foreplay before actually an intimate act. And this is not the most sensible attitude to the issue. The fact that emotional, furnishings, and other factors that seem insignificant, in fact, determine the success of 50% of intimacy. Brightness, sensation and novelty are very important. Therefore, we hasten to acquaint you with this type of massage, body to body massage. This whole mystery for two (though if you want you can experience this pleasure in the company’s most seductive girls).

This massage rouse herself makes every nerve in your body and quickly respond to the motion of your co-worker burst overflowing emotions. Probably everyone understands the origin of the name of this type of massage. Body to body massage girls perform with their beautiful bodies.

Imagine the massage followed by gentle touches of graceful hips, beautiful breasts, buttocks of our delicious damsels! And do not forget that our Tantric massage is the highest level. We think over everything to the smallest detail. Massage is carried out in a cosy room, dimly lit, giving ease and liberating. Our girls are very familiar with the action of essential oils and be able to choose the optimum composition that matches your mood and desires.

Massage is a beautiful female body becomes more and more exciting, and now it seems that there is no more strength to endure, but your beautiful nymph will bring everything to the long-awaited climax! The ride is hard to describe in words or something to compare. So do not hesitate a moment, come to us and ask for a tantric massage for themselves, their friends or acquaintances. You will be pleasantly surprised by our pricing. We offer an individual approach to each client and we hope that you will appreciate the quality of our services. After receiving a tantric massage with us at least once, you cannot refuse unearthly happiness to be served by our lovely girls. And becoming a regular customer, you get nice discounts on massage and other services in our salon! Tantric massage is a lot longer than we think. Indeed, from ancient times, people have understood the importance of gentle touch and gave warmth and joy to your family. Of course, the term “tantric massage” appeared much later, but the meaning is not significantly changed. And today, body to body happy ending massage remains one of the most desirable types of massage for both men and women. And it’s not surprising, because only tantric massage combines both medical and relaxing effect.

We invite you to experience the best massage by professional mobile masseuses, dedicated study of the art of massage a lot of time. Our tantric massage is a real and very affordable way to heavenly sensations and emotions, unique! On the one hand, sensual massage is designed to mobilize the life force of your body and raise the general tone. On the other hand, it does not involve direct intimate contact with a woman who performs massage. So you do not have to be ashamed of your visit to our salon, for massage is the same therapeutic activity as, say, going to the pool or gym.

Massage is available to everyone including women. It’s just a stereotype that erotic massage is fun exclusively male. Do not forget that sexual health for every woman of great importance, as well as men’s health is important for the stronger half of humanity. Therefore, massage in Manchester is suitable for both men and women. All of our professional staff is trained, the girls perfectly mastered the art of massage. Therefore carried out any of our girls happy ending massage will be your most vivid and enjoyable. Of course, touching the pleasures of sensual tantric massage once, you’ll want to repeat the session. And rightly so, because any type of massage is more effective as a course. All the more so with each new visit, you have the opportunity to experience the different methods, massage techniques. Run another massage you can a new girl. So you can even choose the best masseuse and you become a regular customer. Our doors are always open for you, we know exactly how to bring you the highest pleasure of the tantric massage!

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