Lingam massage Manchester

Lingam massage  is a very popular service that we offer our male clients and it continues to be the top massage requested upon our beautiful Goddesses. Lingam massage Manchester is included in a general Tantric massage, although there is more focus and attention on your penis if you order specifically only this service.

That is not to say that the rest of the body is omitted or has less enjoyment, far from it but there is more emotional intent on the penis area. Not everyone wants a lingam massage and that is absolutely fine too. If this is the case with you then you should let your Goddess know before your Tantric massage starts. However, for the most part, men do prefer to have this additional aspect to their massage.

What is the lingam?

The lingam is the name give to the penis. Lingam is a Sanskrit word that means "wand of light". This is so affectionately named because the intensity of energy that is generated during a lingam massage gives a kind of mini explosion punctuated by light. The orgasm that is created is of a more intense nature than you will ever have experienced, even during the most pleasurable sexual encounter.

This is because during the whole massage, the Tantric Goddess builds the energy in such a way allows it to build. This slow build-up of energy will send shivers through the whole of your body and just as you think you will ejaculate, she gently draws back, along with the energy to gently reduce, before proceeding again until the culmination of your lingam massage is completed with the happy ending or ejaculation.

The importance of rapport

This kind of massage involves the whole of your body, not just your lingam, and your emotional investment is also a factor. Being able to completely relax in someone else's hands is a rare experience and you will need to trust your Goddess completely to get the most from the experience. Therefore, at the beginning of your Tantric massage , your Goddess will spend a little time gaining rapport with you and engaging eye contact. This will help you feel the bond build up between you. This makes the experience ever sweeter for you.

For many individuals giving themselves over to a virtual stranger, no matter how pretty or engaging, can be stressful or difficult. This is understood, which is why it is important to engage in eye contact and attention between the two of you. After all, erotic massage with a lingam massage is a very intimate sexual experience, even though it does have a spiritual connection.

Choosing your Goddess

Although you may not have thought much about the Goddess for your lingam massage, you may want to give some consideration as to which Goddess to choose. Of course, you may have a preference built from your own ideals, but you may need a little guidance and it will depend on which is the most important aspect of the  massage as to which masseuse you choose. For example, although all our Goddesses are fully versed in the ways of Tantra, some may have a more spiritual leaning than others. If this is an important element for you then you would want to choose the right Goddess to enhance your spiritual connection and help you to expand your consciousness in the way you choose. This kind of nurturing is as important as the actual lingam massage itself.

After all, there are always people we meet that we do not gel with for some reason, and that is not always built on looks. It can be their manner, their demeanour, something we regard as an annoying habit, or they may just remind you of your mother or sister, which would definitely be detrimental to the overall experience!

So, although you may think you are quite happy just to have any of our pretty Goddesses give you a special tantric massage, the reality may be quite different. This is a wonderfully sensory and sexual experience that should not be overshadowed by any negative detail, no matter how small, and we take great pains to ensure we get everything as perfect as it can be for you. If there is something we have missed or can be improved upon, we invite your comments humbly.