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The techniques for tantric massage in Mancheser

In this article we will tell you about the performance of erotic massage techniques to be learned by both spouses. But first you need to learn one rule. Before starting the massage make sure you agree on who will make someone a massage. This is done to one who makes massage, was able to completely relax and forget about everything that surrounds it, and concentrate solely on their feelings. Thus, prior to the procedure of erotic massage, a person must bathe and undress completely. The procedure itself is erotic massage takes about two hours. Why so long? So it’s not a sports massage, and there does not need a high intensity. It is best to choose a schedule in which the first day will be to massage the wife to her husband, and the second day – on the contrary.

Tantric massage Manchester for men

First, consider an example where the wife is doing tantric massage to her husband. Immediately before the actual sensual massage is recommended that a small prelude to the bathroom. When a man is washed, thoroughly lather it and then rub a soft dry towel. It is important to get the most enjoyment from the process. Oh, and do not forget that haste in this matter there is no place, so do not try to do everything faster. After that, the husband must lie on the bed face down. Put a little on the body aromatic oil and accurate movements begin to massage every part of it. Technique of movement in this case is not important, important that both partners have experienced positive emotions. Furthermore, we advise you to avoid even the professional techniques of tantric massage. Their inept use can cause your partner pain.

The technique of erotic massage for men

  • It is important to massage all parts of the body completely. In view of the majority, tantric massage involves your back, buttocks and calves. But there are also the feet, hands, neck and inner thighs. Need a massage to address all these areas of the body. By the way, the regular procedures of full-body tantric massage, she will begin to associate the man with his mom, and it brought together both;
  • When the first part of tantric massage was heated, it’s time to go to erotic moments. The main rule is – again, not in a hurry. During the massage needed to achieve this effect, a partner plunged into an erotic trance and did not feel the time. Use the following method. Lean one arm to another and begin to massage every part of the body. As a result, tantric massage you get to use all ten fingers. Can also be used for massaging your hair. But if you are not too short;
  • Next, go to massage women’s breasts. It is important to note one caveat – the body should be massaged only dummies, but not the whole breast. Light touching the tips of the nipples will bring a lot of fun man. There are still massaging technique booty. But for this woman should be in good shape. It is necessary to rely on four points and lift the buttocks. Incredible sense of waiting for a man after a massage;
  • And the final stage – massage genitals. This is when a woman starts to rub her clitoris and the labia of the body of a man. In such actions, it can some times come. You can take a man’s head. Many representatives of the strong half of humanity is like. Most importantly, remember that all this should not go to sex. It is important to have fun, but keep the shutter speed. Only then can you achieve the goals.

Tantric massage for women

Basic rules of massaging the girl, in principle, identical. But we must take into account some of the nuances. So, for example, of course you should not massage the girl with her hair, as most men are short. Also, do not bring a touch of pleasure to the female body hairy chest men. But carefully massage the entire body with his hands, and even with the use of oil, a man can with success. Only an intimate part of the body better still massaging the tongue, not your fingers. Doing this is the most gentle and affectionate. Remember that women are much more sensitive than men. Throughout the erotic massage girl must watch her reaction. It should always be in a relaxed state. It is important that you fully trust it.

The technique of tantric massage for women

The experience of many married couples shows that men more difficult to learn to do a couple body massage. Initially, women in the sex perform more passive role and it is easier to relax and enjoy, rather than men. Moreover, not every man is understandable why you need an hour to massage your foot woman, if I may just take on a “case”. This is the main mistake men. It happens that tantric massage your feet for twenty minutes a woman will bring much more pleasures and delights than the hour having sex. But many men are, and remain convinced he is right. They think that a girl will bring more pleasure massage genitals. However, it is not. Many women do not like it when men show excessive activity and continually slap on the ass and climb “there” with their hands. But because of fear of offending a partner, they are silent about it.

The effects of sensual massage

To sum up small. As we have seen, erotic massage is able to resolve the emotional conflict between the spouses. In addition, he teaches to feel your body and the body of his partner. And this is no easy task. To do this, you should be with each other very frank. Only the truly communicating, we can become good friends, lovers and even their parents, always taking care of each other.