Outcall massage Manchester

We offer Outcall massage in Manchester and we are open 24/7  Call now (0775) 414 4129​⁠​

If you want a massage in hotel or home in Manchester, after booking confirmation the girl will come in 15-20 minutes.

Whether it is for relaxation or for the sophisticated and loving company of our beautiful models, a outcall massage Manchester experience is a must! You can come to us whether you are a Manchester or just a guest of our city – these lovely girls are all waiting for you to share the secrets of the orient.

At our erotic Manchester massage parlour you will come to be spoiled like a royalty would be: our beautiful maidens are waiting for you, with years of tantric massage Manchester experience behind them. Come and treat yourself and you will know why we are the best. Come and see for yourself what it feels like to have angels serving you.

Our beautiful models are all professional and experienced masseuses, so you now know from the start that you will receive a professional tantric massage upon coming to us. We aren’t at all like all the other massage Parlours you have been too, massage services that are in fact just fronts for actual escort agencies. We will provide what others couldn’t: both pleasure and relaxation.

Take a look at what beauties will serve you and you will catch a glimpse of their naughtiness in their eyes. However, you will be surprised when coming to our erotic massage Manchester parlour to see that they are in fact even more beautiful than you have imagined. And, when you will finally lay on the comfortable air mattress with one of our angels straddling you and using her entire body in order to massage yours, you will also see that you haven’t got the slightest idea as to how skilled all of them are.

With a sincere smile and a glass of red wine, you will be greeted by your beautiful masseuse (of course, if you want more than one angel can greet you and serve you). She will then help you with your clothes and then, very invitingly, she will excuse herself – the body’s hygiene is very important during a regular tantric massage session, let alone a special one. Feel free to follow her, because it will be her pleasure to give you an amazing soapy massage.

You don’t have to say a thing because during this perfect beginning she will find out first-hand what you really need and what really pleases you. And then let her take your hand and lead you where the rest of the magic will happen: a dim-lighted massage room, with soft music playing in the background, with a comfortable air mattress positioned in the middle of it. This is where you will truly feel like a king, this is where the erotic massage Manchester session will continue.

It is quite obvious that there will be plenty of intimate touching, since the massage techniques used by our angels imply them using their entire bodies during the therapy. However, this doesn’t mean at all that a full sexual act will ensue. While we don’t know how a massage session will actually unfold (since all the massage techniques can be adjusted during the same massage session), we know for sure that a sexual intercourse isn’t necessary for you to experience the longest and most intense pleasure.

With open arms and steady hands, our lovely angels are waiting for you, ready to show you what you have missed until now.

So don’t keep them waiting and they will show you what a woman’s gratitude is actually like. Call us and make your first outcall massage Manchester appointment – welcome pleasure and relaxation back into your life. In the end, you will to come again and again, as often as possible.

The four hands tantric massage, as it is called, is better than a regular one not just because there are two beautiful women touching you in all the places, caressing you and making you feel like the king of the mountain – this is just a fantasy all the men have. It is a better form of therapy simply because the man will relax faster than during a regular Manchester massage. During regular massages, the man will keep his mind focused on every movement the masseuse makes instead of focusing on all the beautiful sensations. He will try to anticipate and he will even come up with little scenarios of his own, scenarios which will probably not become a reality. Thus, they will become little frustrations because he hasn’t tried everything he had in mind. Thus he won’t be able to reach a deeper state of relaxation, which is after all the purpose of any kind of massage therapy.

But during our special sensual massage Manchester session he won’t be able to follow everything the therapists do. His mind will become empty of every thought and thus he will be able to enjoy everything that is happening. And there will be plenty of things to enjoy during these four-hand specials.

Like any kind of therapies, a sensual massage will regulate the blood flow, will loosen and make the joint more flexible, and will relax the muscles (among other advantages). However, a sensual massage with our beautiful and experienced masseuses will also bring several other benefits, most of them regarding the man’s intimate life: more stamina, full erection, the curing of premature ejaculation, and even more.

Of course there will be intimate touching involved – the skin has a language of its own and it has no secrets for the hands of our naughty sensual massage Manchester therapists. From slow and romantic tantric massages to explicit and extremely pleasurable lingam therapies, there is nothing our masseuses cannot do. Just imagine two angels focusing entirely on your intimate areas, stroking and caressing and squeezing and swirling – and then fully stopping in order to prevent you from ejaculating.

It may come as a bit masochistic, but if you will follow their lead and maintain a full erection for the entire session without reaching an orgasm the pleasure you will feel in the end will be exponentially greater. The intensity and the duration of your orgasm will be so great that you will immediately disconnect and simply enter a state of deep relaxation, a world of calmness and peace in which you will recover all your strength and vitality in no time. One single sexy massage session with our beautiful masseuses will do wonders and will get you ready for yet another week in the fast world that everybody lives in.

Call us now and these beautiful angels will give you and unforgettable outcall massage Manchester session.

Our Visiting Massage is  available 24/7.