Frequently asked questions

Please read my answers before getting in touch to book a massage. I am happy to answer any other questions you might have.
Rosie xx <3 xx

1Are your pictures real?
Yes, my pictures are real, recent and not edited. I have a healthy lifestyle which includes yoga, vegetarian food and jogging and this reflects in the way I look.
2Can I touch you during the massage?
Tantric experience is a way for you to totally relax and for me to focus on the massage. Touching me would be distracting, however you can lightly touch my feet and my legs up to my knees towards the end of the massage. Thank you for respecting my work :) xx
3Do you smoke?
4Can I bring a bottle of wine?
Yes, you can bring your favourite drink. Please note that the social part is considered part of the session. (See Massages & Rates - Vip Tantric Massage)
5Can I have a shower before/after?
Yes, you will be invited to have a shower before the massage and after. I have a nice shower and fresh, soft towels.
6What is he minimum age to have a tantric massage with you?
The minimum age is 21. Please bring an ID with you if you seem really young.
7Where do you live?
I live close from Manchester city centre (10 minutes driving) and easily accessible by public transport. I take as much pride on my place as I take in the way I look, so I ensure my flat is always super clean, I have fresh flowers and everything necessary for a perfect tantric experience. **Safe parking is available around the building.
8Can I make any suggestions about the session?
Yes of course, as long as I am comfortable with your request. Please get in touch and we will discuss your ideas. Also, please, please let me know if there is something in particular you like (e.g. your face being stroked, the feeling of my nails on your skin, the feeling of my feet massaging you, etc.). The same goes if there is something you are less keen on, please tell me. This will allow me to incorporate what you like in my massage and offer you the best experience. You can text me before the massage or let me know when we meet :).
9Do you offer any other sexual services?
No, tantric massage is a unique and erotic experience and most my clients say it is better than sex. My massage is very intimate, however I will not break my boundaries and offer other sexual services, such as kissing, oral or other gfe.
10Can I bring you a present, what do you like?
Some of my clients enjoy surprising me a little gift when they come for a massage. I love, love flowers (ALL of them, especially white flowers - roses and lilys), pink champagne, rose wine and prosecco.
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