Tantric massage for Lovers

tantric massage for couples
Tantric massage for Couples
November 17, 2016
tantric massage for womens
Tantric massage for Womens
November 17, 2016
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tantric massage for lovers

Massage for a loved one

Tantric massage for men to start their preparation. To begin with it should relax and adjust to the correct way, and then stir.
Start with a massage of hands and feet, in these parts of the body a lot of active points, massaging which increases blood circulation and relieves muscle tension. After this procedure, he will feel relaxed and comfortable. Remarkably, many men have big toes – erogenous zones, licking and kissing them – not everyone can, but give them more attention must try.
From the limbs move to the back. Here is a tantric massage stroking, rubbing and kneading. Start it slowly and gently stroked, hardly put pressure on the skin. Gradually increase the pace and speed, make the circular and longitudinal movement.
Erotic massage is especially soft. However, making the tantric massage for a man, the tenderness is often lulls him. To avoid this, dilute stroking with kisses. The most pleasant kisses at the bottom of the neck, the earlobe, and at a point just above the tailbone, but every man may have their own individual erogenous zones.
When the spin and mashed explored, tantric massage starts on the chest and abdomen. Grinding here is contraindicated, is allowed only stroking, caressing, exciting, alluring … Spend the latch on the nipple, under the ribs, kiss the lower abdomen. It’s important – your language should be relaxed, all the kissing in erotic massage, you need to do a soft tongue. If breathing becomes more frequent partner, it’s a sign that you do everything right, and he is excited.
No matter what your belly man: inflated or “lump of nerves”, each on his stomach is an erogenous zone. This magic point is just below the navel. Touch it with your finger or better tongue, and you’ll see a violent reaction. Go ahead.
There are techniques of erotic massage male genital organs. This stimulating and very useful, and give your loved one a wonderful orgasm. Be sure to read the detailed description of this practice and expand her man an unearthly pleasure.
In carrying out the overall erotic massage in the genital area can linger literally for a couple of minutes. Kindly and very gently knead the penis, run his hand over his testicles.
Next stop – the perineum, the area between the scrotum and the anus. This is the most powerful erogenous zone for men, pay little attention to her, stroking, slight shaking and caress the tongue – a great stimulation.

After such an erotic massage, for sure, you will begin rough sex, but most importantly – your man will be incredibly grateful.

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