Tantric massage for Womens

tantric massage for lovers
Tantric massage for Lovers
November 17, 2016
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tantric massage for womens

Preparation and implementation of tantric massage for women

To prepare for erotic massage, you should stock up ahead of silk sheets, you will have to lay on towels and fluffy feather and fur glove – these can be bought in sex shops. Plus, get water-based lubricant. Always make sure that there is no preparation of nonoxynol-9. It can cause irritation of the vaginal tissues. Well, take a left at the end of soap and four plates. It is better to fit a deep and large plates.

Rules of the game

Before you can do for your favorite tantric massage, try to find out about her desires. Maybe it is configured only for a relaxing massage. In this case it is better to postpone the procedure to a more suitable time.
Water Treatments
If your girl is ready to receive pleasure from the erotic massage, then proceed. Take two bowls and pour the warm water there. By turns both her legs lather and massage thoroughly. In the first plate should lather your feet, and the second rinse. After that, wipe her feet with a towel, which must be absolutely dry. Then take the other two plates and do the same procedure with her hands. Pay special attention to the gaps between the fingers.

Feathers for massage

Now take the pen. When the pen is very important weasel is the concentration of the girls on their feelings. Tell her that she is completely relaxed. Swipe over the body. Start from the back, and then turn it over and do the same with the stomach. After that, set aside the pen and pick up a fur glove. Begin to massage her more active. At this stage it is not forbidden massage to help his hair or cheek. Importantly, make sure that the girl is nice. And, of course, all these procedures should be given to the warm feelings, but in any case is not cold.

Special oils for tantric massage

Before using the oil in erotic massage, be sure to warm it. You can hold the bottle with a little butter in a warm some water, or at least rub in your hands. By the way, we want to warn you – do not lubricate her crotch. This is dangerous because there is easy infection.

Sighs for erotic massage
But this method will make a loud sigh girl. It’s called – the wave. Draw hands on the back so that the each new touch was weaker. In the fourth touching the girl should just feel the nails of your fingers. Pause for a few moments and gently Scrabble her. Believe me, she could not restrain their feelings.

Keep in touch during sensual massage
It is important during the sensual tantric massage constantly communicate with the girl. You must understand that it is really like, but also show that it gives you no less fun. And the best way to express it in words, making her the compliment.
Point of pleasure during a massage
There are two parts of the body, massaging that can achieve a better effect. First – is the head. When a girl lies on her back, sit down on his knees behind her head. Hands thoroughly massage her shoulders and slowly go to massage your neck. Then spend your fingers on the head, the crown and temples. You can stretch your jaw muscles, which are located under the ears. In conclusion, the head massage you can apply an effective method. Put your hand on her forehead and keep them there for about 15 seconds. The second part of the body – it’s feet. Scientists have proven that the soles of the feet there are sites that are responsible for a certain part of the body. Massage the thumb will affect the head and base of fingers massage will work on your shoulders. Accordingly, the foot massage you will achieve a double effect.

Erogenous zones
Now you need to make tantric massage for the most sensitive areas – the erogenous. Better, of course, if you do find them, but if you do not succeed, then we can just ask the girl. If she hesitates to talk about these things, then pay attention to the shoulders, back, feet, chest and especially the inner thighs. Last place is the erogenous zone of all, without exception, women.

Crucial moment
And now it’s time to act. As soon as you can see that the inner labia began to act beyond the external, or they bought the cherry color, and highlights the vagina moisture, you can begin tantric massage for the most intimate places. Do not want to inform the girl of his intentions, as it may seem surprising.

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A stunning effect is achieved by external massage of the labia. This is the very important part of tantric massage session. Many women are accustomed to when the male fingers caress the inside of their vagina, but not all of them were receiving massages outside. To do this, prepare a water-based lubricant and properly lubricate the outer labia. Put your hand in the shape of the bucket and put it into the vagina. Hold it there for a few seconds. After that, grab the outer lip of the thumb and index finger and start to drive them from one side to another. The same method can be used for internal affection of the labia, but do not look to hurt her. Unless, of course, she does not have to ask.

Massage the clitoris

At this stage, the prevailing circumstances, well, already seem to be head of the clitoris. It will impact on the strongest effect. Only the best tantric massage the clitoris through the folds of skin around it. Because the skin on your fingers it may seem too rough.
We will tell you about a few techniques that can be used to massage the clitoris:
• Doorbell – press your thumb on the clitoris, as if calling on the door;
• Clock with a secret – drive forefinger around the clitoris, some stopping at the moment will pass, “twelve o’clock”;
• Push-pinching – gently pinch the skin around the clitoris and pull up to the moment until it slip out of your hands.


Once again I remind you that before penetration, it is better to prevent it or to ask for permission. This will save you from unpleasant surprises.
There are several methods of entry:
1. The slow penetration. Gently put one finger in the vagina. Hold it there for a while. It would be better not to move it and keep it in one position. Her vagina with each second will be more watered.
2. Four of the world. Alternately, click on the vaginal wall, focusing on the light side.
3. Crescent. Enter your thumb into the vagina so that the palm of your hand covered the clitoris, and her fingers were on the pubic hair.

4. Find the “point of G». Change your thumb into the vagina on the index. In this case the palm facing upward. Begin to massage the inner wall of the vagina, depending on the reaction of her. When you find the “point G», you will immediately understand this about. The girl can not hide from you my reaction. You can now pay special attention to this place. It will impact on the girl the most pleasurable sensations.
Five. Doorbell for the “point G”. Spend told by our technique of “doorbell” for the clitoris.
6. Corkscrew. Enter into the vagina two fingers: the index and middle. In this case, turn the hand. Do not forget to pay attention to the clitoris.
The question is ambiguous – and needed a sex after erotic massage? In this case, you must rely solely on the desire girl. By the time she can relax a few times already, so sex for her is just tedious. So ask her if she wants sex after tantric massage session or not.

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