Terms & Conditions

Confirmation and punctuality:

  • Please note most of my bookings are made in advance and I always honour them, as I would ask from you too. In the event of an emergency from my side, I will always let you know and offer you a discount on your following session.
  • I always ask you to confirm the appointment before 10 am on the day of the booking and advance bookings to be confirmed the evening before. This allows me to plan my day and no confirmation may result in your session being cancelled.
  • Please make sure you arrive on time and if you are delayed please let me know. Please note that arriving after the agreed time may result in having to reduce the length of the session. This is because I might have another appointment booked after and I will need the time to get ready. Sessions will always be paid based on the time booked.

Cancellation policy:

Of course, things can come up and you might have to cancel/reschedule the session. Please give me as much notice as you can so I know how to re-plan my time. Cancelling/rescheduling the session will result in an extra fee added to your next appointment as follows:

  • Cancelling/rescheduling more than 24h before the session – no fee
  • Cancelling/rescheduling 24h – 5h before the session – £20
  • Cancelling/rescheduling fewer than 5h before the session – £50

If the appointment isn’t confirmed before 10 am, I will assume it’s cancelled. In the instance you do not let me know and you subsequently want to book another appointment, this will be at my discretion considering the previous circumstance.


  • My fees are non-negotiable and should be paid at the beginning of our session.
  • Tips are not necessary, but if you would like to gift me, please note all tips will go to charity, so thank you😊
  • Gifts: if you would like to show your appreciation by buying me a gift, these are some of the things I like: flowers (I love them all, especially white flowers like roses and lilies), all Jo Malone products (perfumes, bath oils, candles, they are absolutely a dream), lingerie (Bra size: 32C, underwear: S, Stockings: Large), crystals (all of them, my favourite being the rose quartz).


  • Please note the appointment takes place in my private flat, so discretion when entering and exiting the building is necessary. If you need more directions please don’t call, instead text me/whatsapp so I can guide you to me.
  • On the rare occasion we happen to see each other in public just smile as it is our little secret 😊


  • I thoroughly enjoy what I do and that is made more so when my boundaries are respected.
  • Please read my FAQ which explain what I offer and what is not included in the session. There are no exceptions to these and insisting for more would disrupt the flow of the appointment and make me feel uncomfortable.
  • If my boundaries are not respected, the appointment will be ended with no refund and our relationship affected or even ended.


  • I do not tolerate excessive alcohol or the use of drugs prior/during our appointment. We can share a drink (or two😊) together as part of the session.
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