Thank you so much to all of my lovely clients who took the time of their busy lives to write me these wonderful reviews. Please also check out my google reviews here: Google Reviews


‘You must be the best in UK, oh wait no...the best in the WORLD!!!’


‘This is the best you can get! You know where to touch, how to touch, which buttons to push! You deserve a medal, but i don’t need to tell you, you already know it :)’


‘You are magical, it’s like electricity is coming from you towards me, I have never experienced this before. ‘


‘I don’t have words to describe the experience, it was magical, I can’t stop shaking!’


‘You are so beautiful and pure, I wish I had a wife like you! I can feel your positive energy in my cells:) ‘


‘This is the best experience I had in my whole life. If I put all my joys together, this is more than all of them together! You are a real life Goddess. I have been to many museums and seen many Goddesses, but you are the most beautiful of them all, you are magical. You should be proud, God gave you an amazing gift. ‘


‘The word ‘tantric’ is used by many women who profess to know what tantra is. Yet, sadly, they do not understand the meaning of the word. Should you wish to experience a heightened sense of ecstasy with a woman who oozes beauty from head to toe, then Rosie is the woman for you. From the moment you walk into the candle lit and warm room, your mind is taken away from the stresses of life and into a trance. Every touch is different, electric. Every breath you take is filled with excitement. Sixty minutes is simply not enough; looking into Rosie’s eyes and being melted away by her smile is enough to make you want to stay forever. Her experience and beauty is the 8th wonder of this world. Even if it’s just once, you ,must experience it!’


‘It’s hard to describe just how incredible Rosie is. It’s obvious that Rosie really enjoys the massage herself too, which makes the experience even better. She is sweet, soft, sensual and sexy as hell, what more do you want? xxx’


The most relaxing but intense hour I can ever remember. You could fall for Rosie for her eyes alone, but her hands will make you want to stay forever!


Omg, I've just had one of the best hours of my life! What an incredible and out of this world experience!! Thank you Rosie, you are amazing, definitely in the right job honey!


I had no idea how relaxing and amazing tantric massage can be before I had one from Rosie! You are a goddess girl! Thank you for making me feel like a king!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am still smiling after the wonderful time spent with Rosie. Not only this lady has magical hands, but she is incredibly beautiful and feminine.


What an unforgettable experience! I went to Heaven several times during the 1h 30 minutes tantric massage I had with this beautiful lady


I have no words to describe the experience I had with Rosie! It was like a magical dream.


All girls are beautiful, but there is something about Rosie that fascinates you...her eyes, her smile… very interesting and beautiful lady
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