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tantric massage for couples
Tantric massage for Couples
November 17, 2016
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Tantric massage tips

The Secrets of Tantric Massage

Erotic massage involves basic exercises of traditional massage: stroking, squeezing, rubbing, kneading and vibration. If you want to totally relax your partner and still bring it, we recommend you use these exercises:
1. passive partner lays on his stomach, active – sits on top of him. It starts with stroking techniques. In some places, softer in others – intense, iron the entire surface of the body. After 5 minutes, invert. Passive partner is desirable to relax and focus on their feelings;

2. passive partner lies on his back, the active sits on top and starts to receive pats of the body, but the main thing to avoid major erogenous zones: the girls breasts and genitals, the guys penis and scrotum;

3. passive partner lays on his stomach, active – close. Massage starts from the back, as this is the most relaxed (due to the location of the spinal nerves). Stroke the back of his palm, occasionally stretching the place with your fingertips;

4. more pleasant stroke translate to his feet, and buttocks leave the “dessert.” When a foot massage or foot – groin area also did not touch;

5. Doing breast massage, perform all the tricks of the rib bones toward the shoulders, then stroke the sides of the torso;

6. performing the massage guy, put him on his back and start with the chest. There is only light and playful stroking, rubbing is not necessary. After that, the stomach, again, do not want to see your lovely eating – do not press on the stomach. Sinking lower, your movements should become more gentle, affectionate and playful. Start stroking, tickling the groin area, then the inner zone of the hips, as if on purpose to avoid genital mutilation. When the bit “to make fun of,” can move on to the very spicy. Massage the penis has a very gently and slowly, gently squeeze it, make a motion of masturbation, but not fast and not much is our goal – a massage. The other hand, spend on the scrotum, gently squeeze the balls, make a motion as if they iterate;

7. performing erotic massage girl is better to choose a sequence of: abdomen, chest, thighs, vagina. Caress each zone, kiss, on the chest, you can create vibration, gently attach themselves to the nipples. Do massage the entire palm and fingertips. Penetrate into the vagina – not in a hurry, wander around with your fingers, pat the labia, be sure to massage your clitoris.

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